Study finds Canadian governments and insurance companies could save millions by investing in better kidney care, and more transplants
A kidney specialist, an insurance expert, and a kidney patient have co-authored a study published in the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease that finds the Canada Pension Plan and private insurance companies could save $13.8 million a year through better management of kidney disease.
The authors note that “Canadians with advanced kidney failure are receiving disability benefit payments of at least $217 million annually” through public and private insurance plans.
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Announcing 2017 Funding for Alport Syndrome Research

The Alport Syndrome Foundation (ASF), Pedersen Family, and The Kidney Foundation of Canada (KFOC) Research Funding Program is pleased to announce that joint funding has been awarded for two new research projects on Alport syndrome, a rare genetic kidney disease.
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Canada-wide consultation with patients and specialists fuels new national recommendations for PKD
There are new Canadian consensus recommendations for the care and treatment of people with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), the most common form of inherited kidney disease. Surveys of kidney specialists and patients done through the Canadian Society of Nephrology formed the basis of the new recommendations in four major areas: genetic testing, diagnostic imaging, predicting risk, and drug treatment options. The “Canadian Expert Consensus” is detailed in a paper just published in the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease.
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“You need to take ownership of your health” says kidney transplant recipient

Alberta Kidney Days forum highlights risk factors for chronic kidney disease
Cyril Muise spent the 90’s – a time when he was building his business, and raising two young children with his wife Lori – feeling unwell. His own doctor could not pinpoint what was wrong.
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The 2016 Impact Report is now available.

The report features stories about patient engagement, our investment in research and programs, and the volunteers who help make these initiatives successful. Read the report.

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Need Information on Kidney Disease?

The newly-revised 5th edition of our patient handbook is an invaluable resource for patients and healthcare professionals alike. This well-received update now includes two books, Living with Reduced Kidney Function and Living with Kidney Failure, and is available online or through renal units across the country.




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